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Drawing seriously on formerly unknown assets, Robert Shenk bargains a revealing portrait of America's small Black Sea Fleet within the years following global warfare I. Home-ported in Constantinople, army ships sped to the Crimea to assist evacuate a few 150,000 White Russians, after which coordinated the grain shipments that ended a bad Russian famine. The fleet's successes in evacuating approximately 200,000 ethnic Armenian and Greek refugees from Smyrna and in rescuing tens of hundreds of thousands from mainland Turkey also are designated in complete. Shenk's incisive depiction of Admiral Mark Bristol as either head of U.S. naval forces and the US s leader diplomat within the area William Leahy, Thomas Kinkaid, Julian Wheeler, and diplomat Allen Dulles served less than him support to make this e-book the first-ever accomplished account of an essential, yet little-known naval venture.

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The incident was really a metaphor for the problems of the entire Soviet system, for over time the leak from the steam generator killed more than a dozen crewmembers via radiation sickness. The navy suppressed news of this incident for years after the event. K-3 spent long months in shipyard overhaul, having the steam generator problem and fuel-element cracks corrected. The K-8 replaced the K-3 on its Arctic mission, the former commanded by Captain Second Rank V. Shumakov. m. , the starboard reactor water tank began leaking badly, an ominous sign, but the crew reacted quickly and seemed to stop the leak.

A major submarine designer, B. M. Malinin, advocated nuclear submarines, as did one of his key proteges, Engineer Captain First Rank Vladimir N. Peregudov, who became the chief designer of the first series of Soviet nuclear submarines. So ambitious was the Soviet nuclear submarine program that lead units of three classes of nuclear submarines were commissioned between 1958 and 1960. These classes were given the NATO code names November, Hotel, and Echo I and II. Two pressurized-water nuclear reactors powered all three submarine types, known collectively to NATO as the HEN class (Hotel, Echo, November).

At the conclusion of his tour of duty, Rickover sought and gained assignment as Special Assistant for Nuclear Matters to the Chief of the Bureau of Ships. He and many others in the navy recognized this post as a portal on the future, an exciting future worth the fight. Rickover also saw, correctly, that through this position he could control the navy's entry into the age of nuclear propulsion. To do so, he became an adept politician with Congress, a task he found easier to accomplish when he received a parallel posting to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), which reported to the Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (JCAE).

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