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By H. Miyamoto, M. Salomon, H. L. Clever

ISBN-10: 0080292127

ISBN-13: 9780080292120

Solubilities of the chlorates, bromates and iodates of the alkaline earth metals (magnesium, calcium, strontium and barium) in all liquid solvents are provided in tabular structure and significantly evaluated. this can be the 1st of 4 volumes within the sequence masking the inorganic halates, and offers crucial facts on those very important commercial reagents.

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1976, 21, 912-3. [7732-18-5] COMMENTS AND/OR ADDITIONAL DATA: The phase diagram is given below (based on mass%) KIC 80 100 Mg(I03)2 AUXILIARY INFORMATION METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE: SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS; ESTIMATED ERROR: ACKNOWLWDGEMENT: T h e f i g u r e r e p r i n t e d f r o m Zh. Neorg. Khim. by p e r m i s s i o n of t h e c o p y r i g h t o w n e r s , VAAP, T h e C o p y r i g h t A g e n c y o f t h e USSR. 35 Ternary aqueous systems COMPONENTS: [ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: (1) Magnesium i o d a t e ; [7790-32-1] Mg(IO~) 9 ; J ^ V i n o g r a d o v , E.

2K (solid phase: tetrahydrate). reported in 7 publications (2,3,4,7,8,9,11). 001 The mean is designated as a recommended value. 2K (solid phase: tetrahydrate). This result has been reported in 2 publications (1,2). The result reported in (1) obtained by Mylius and Funk is considerably lower than that of Hill and Moskowitz ( 2 ) , and as in the above analysis it is felt that the data in (2) are more accurate. 2914 mol k g " 1 . 2K (solid phase: tetrahydrate). This value has been reported in 4 publications (2,3,5,6).

Ges. 1897, 30, 1716. 1929, 19, 273. ) 1 9 3 1 , 1, Soc. 1932, 54, 3126. 1266. 48 Calcium chlorate ΓORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: 1 COMPONENTS: (1) Calcium c h l o r a t e ; [10137-74-3] (2) Water; H20; Mylius, Ca(C10^)9; l 1 F . ; F u n k , R. Ber. Dbsch, Chem. Ges. 1 8 9 7 , 30, 1 7 1 6 - 2 5 . [7732-18-5] VARIABLES: PREPARED BY: T/K 1 = 291 Hiroshi Miyamoto [EXPERIMENTAL VALUES: The s o l u b i l i t y 1 o f Ca ( C 1 0 . 346 mol dm-3 The compiler presumes that the f i r s t word in the l i n e from the end of page 1717 should read 100g.

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