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Blending straightforward effects and complex equipment, Algebraic method of Differential Equations goals to accustom differential equation experts to algebraic equipment during this niche. It provides fabric from a faculty prepared through The Abdus Salam overseas Centre for Theoretical Physics (Ictp), the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the overseas Centre for natural and utilized arithmetic (Cimpa).

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D-Modules on a Riemann Surface In this section, we briefly sketch some basic facts of the theory of D-modules on a Riemann surface. X will be a connected Riemann surface and OX will denote its sheaf of holomorphic functions. 1. 3. We have a “generalized sheaf” in the sense that it is not a sheaf of functions, but a sheaf of rings, given in the following way: for any open set U ⊂ X we define Hom C (OX , OX )(U ) := HomC (OU , OU ). 4). The reader can refer to the book 9 for the general notion of sheaf.

C. Robson. Noncommutative Noetherian Rings. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1987. 19. Z. Mebkhout. Une autre ´equivalence de cat´egories. , 51 (1984), 63–88. 20. Z. Mebkhout. Le th´eor`eme de comparaison entre cohomologies de De Rham d’une vari´et´e alg´ebrique complexe et le th´eor`eme d’existence de Riemann. ´ Inst. Hautes Etudes Sci. Publ. , 69 (1989), 47–89. 21. Z. Mebkhout. Le th´eor`eme de positivit´e, le th´eor`eme de comparaison et le th´eor`eme d’existence de Riemann, in15 165–308. 51 22.

We proceed by induction on the length of M . 2, (4). So the injection ξM : M → FEM is an isomorphism. Assume that ξM is an isomorphism anytime that lg M < n and let M be a regular holonomic D-module of length n. Let us consider a short exact sequence of (regular holonomic left) D-modules 0 → M → M → M → 0. We have a commutative diagram 0 /M 0  / FEM /M ξM ξM  / FEM /M /0 ξM  / FEM and so ξM is an isomorphism. 5. For any object O = (E, F, u, v) in C, we define the map τO : O → EFO = (HomD (FO, N ), HomD (FO, N /O), U∗ , V∗ ) by τO = (τO1 , τO2 ) with 47 τO1 : x ∈ E → τO1 (x) ∈ HomD (FO, N ), τO1 (x) : (a, b) ∈ FO = HomC0 (O, U) → a(x) ∈ N , τO2 : y ∈ E → τO1 (y) ∈ HomD (FO, N /O), τO2 (y) : (a, b) ∈ FO = HomC0 (O, U) → b(y) ∈ N /O.

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