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Analysis of the shipped material also takes place at this It involves the description of its physical and chemical properties, and of the nature of the hazards associated with the loss of the integrity of the package. The hazard can pertain to chemical or radiological toxicity or both. A release can lead to acute or delayed effects such as latent cancer fatalities and genetic effects. In the case of a radioactive material that is non-dispersible, one must consider the external irradiation due to the loss of shielding.

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Benassai A. Orsini Japan - S. W. Ha Technical Committee Meeting (TC-555). 17-21 June 1985 Belgium France France France German Democratic Republic Germany, Federal Republic of India Italy Italy Japan Japan Japan Japan Sweden Sweden United Kingdom United Kingdom United States of America L. Baekelandt C. Ringot J. Hamard P. Hubert C. W. Collin J. Bisht S. Benassai A. Orsini A. Yamato H. Fudo A. Kasai M. Yoshida B. Svahn B. B. K. Wilson R. E. Luna H. B. Pope (Scientific Secretary) Commentors on TC-555 Draft Argentina - A.

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