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The first wait IMB is the only one recognized since IMB does not allow pulsing. If Event The If Event instruction is only available in Full Channel 100 Mbit/s mode with clock frequencies of 50 MHz and lower. Only one If Event is allowed in a sequence program. If a new if instruction is placed in a program sequence, a message will appear stating that only one if instruction is allowed. To add a new if instruction, the old one must be deleted. The If event uses either the IMB or the same external clock pod input lines as the Wait event.

2–16 Agilent Technologies 16522A Reference Connecting Pods Directly to a PC Board Connecting Pods Directly to a PC Board To connect the pattern generator pods directly to the PC board, use one of the following two methods. Both methods require a 3M 2520-series, or similar alternative connector be installed on the PC board. Direct pod to board connection Simply plug the pod directly into the 3M 2520-series, or similar alternative connector on the PC board. Jumper cable to pod connection Use this method when you have clearance problems on the PC board.

J). The second parameter specifies the enable value. The MESE query returns the current setting. Refer to table 3-2 Module Event Status Register for bits, bit weights, and what each bit masks in the module. Command Syntax: Example :MESE {1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10} number of slot in which the module resides integer 0 to 255 OUTPUT XXX;":MESE5 2" This example enables bit one for slot E. 3–10 Programming the Agilent 16522A Module Status Reporting Query Syntax: :MESE?

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