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By C L E Lewis and S J Knell, Cherry Lewis, Simon J. Knell

ISBN-10: 1862390932

ISBN-13: 9781862390935

This e-book includes contributions from Martin Rees-the Astronomer Royal; Aubrey Manning-biologist and presenter of the BBC television sequence Earth tale; Chris Stringer-archaeologist and media character, and a few revered historians of science.An historic standpoint of geological time, from the 17th century to the invention of radioactivity, and directly to modern day purposes of geochronology. participants come from the fields of geology and geochemistry, palaeontology, biology, archaeology, astronomy, and the historical past of science.The age of the Earth has regularly been a subject matter of significant curiosity to scientists from many disciplines-geologists, biologists, archaeologists, astronomers and historians. This quantity, The Age of the Earth: from 4004BC to AD2002, brings jointly individuals from those various topics to debate quite a few elements of the subject. It opens with a historic viewpoint, bearing on the works of eminent students from the 17th to 19th centuries, describing how conceptions of the Earth's heritage replaced over this era. we're taken from the time whilst state-enforced spiritual orthodoxy all through Europe dictated the age of the Earth, via to the 19th century while geology emerged as a rigorous and self-contained technology. via stratigraphic paintings, fossils turned demonstrated as worthy time markers and the scientists of the day grew to become to the deduction of time from the goods of geomorphological methods. by way of the top of the 19th century the controversy among geologists and physicists used to be at its height. the trouble to quantify geological time affected the idea and perform of geology and used to be largelyresonsible for it maturing right into a specialist clinical self-discipline. in the course of the technology of geochronology, more and more sophisticated ideas built to degree the age of the Earth. in spite of the fact that, it may be borne in brain that the now-accepted age could be thought of a 'geochemical accident' which nonetheless continues to be a contentious issue.The concluding elements of the booklet talk about a few comparable themes: the hunt for the oldest rocks in the world; a biologist's point of view of the historical past and trend of existence on the earth; how a refinement of radiocarbon and non-radiocarbon actual relationship options has impacted looking for our old hominid ancestors; and, eventually, cosmology and the questions surrounding the age of the universe.

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The strata, as Smith delineated them, were parts of a rotating system set in motion at the beginning of the world 'the motion of the earth, which probably commenced while these strata were in a soft state' (Smith 1801 in Cox 1942, p. 85). The stratigraphic relationships among them were all of a piece, and owed little to the subsequent passage of time, other than superficial damage caused by the Deluge. Why was stratigraphic geology at this time being conducted by its chief practitioner without mention of any relative antiquity among the strata?

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