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By George Odian (auth.), Joginder Lal, James E. Mark (eds.)

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The current publication is a sequel to "Elastomers and Rubber Elasticity," edited by means of J.E. Mark and J. Lal and released via the yank Chemical Society in 1982. it's also in line with papers awarded at an ACS Symposium, backed by way of the department of Polymer Chemistry, Inc., hence one held in Chicago in September of 1985. The keynote speaker used to be to were professional­ fessor Paul J. Flory, and his premature demise simply sooner than the symposium was once an important loss to all of polymer technology, specifically to these in­ terested in elastomeric fabrics. it truly is to his reminiscence that this booklet is devoted. there was loads of development in getting ready and learning elas­ tomers because the previous symposium, which was once in 1981. on the subject of the synthesis and curing of elastomers, a lot of the heritage essential to an appreciation of those advances is given within the first, introductory chapter.

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37 CA) co Li+ THF Butadiene b K+ DEE f Butadiene Butadiene 00 00 50 00 e DIPIP is 1,2-dipiperidinoethane, DIPIP/Li ratio >2, Li ~10-3 M. f DEE is Diethyl ether. d THF is tetrahydrofuran. e Free ion reaetion. Li+ and high monomer eoneentrations. K+ Hexane+DIPIpe THF Butadiene Butadiene 11 5 6 56 6 4 15 0 20 0 Na+ K+ Li+ u+ Dioxane 34 28 6 37 32 5 24 20 0 0 % Mierostrueture trans 1,4 12 95 cis 1,4 30 0 20 0 Temp. 00 Li+ Li+ Counterion Polymer Mierostrueture Variation with Conditions Hexane THF Isoprene a THF Isoprene b Hexane THFd Solvent Isoprene a b Isoprene Isoprene e Monomer Table 1.

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