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The e-book offers and integrates the equipment of structural dynamics, indentification and regulate right into a universal framework. It goals to create a standard language among structural and keep watch over approach engineers.

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5 at position na). Typically, the stiffness of the proof-mass actuator is much smaller than the dynamic stiffness of the structure (often it is zero). 5. A structure with different actuators: (a) With proof-mass actuator; (b) with inertial actuator; and (c) with ideal actuator.

Structural Poles. 26). The equation s 2  2] iZi s  Zi2 0 is the characteristic equation of the ith mode. For small damping the poles are complex conjugate, and in the following form: s1 ] iZi  jZi 1  ] i2 , s2 ] iZi  jZi 1  ] i2 . 32) The plot of the poles is shown in Fig. 1, which shows how the location of a pole relates to the natural frequency and modal damping. 2. 1. 5910 » . 7370 »¼ ) The modes are shown in Fig. 2. 1. Pole location of the ith mode of a lightly damped structure: It is a complex pair with the real part proportional to the ith modal damping; the imaginary part approximately equal to the ith natural frequency; and the radius is the exact natural frequency.

12) y Cx  Du. The matrix D is called a feed-through matrix, since it represents this part of the output that is proportional to the input. Note that D denotes the feed-through matrix and the damping matrix. They should not be confused. 11) that matrix D in the acceleration measurements is zero if the accelerometer location matrix Ca and the excitation force matrix Bo are orthogonal with respect to matrix M 1 . In particular, for a diagonal matrix M, the matrix D is zero if accelerometers and excitation forces are not collocated.

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