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By Prof. Dr. Michael L. G. Gardner, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Steffens (auth.)

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It can be seen that the values in the lymph of these animals are significantly higher than those in the control animals [1]. This is an enzymatic method of identification for amy lase and therefore shows that the functional capabilities of the amylase are still present. Thus, the enzymes are absorbed as complete macromolecules, their functions are still available, and the immunological integrity is also evident. The question is how much of the individual enzymes (pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, amylase and papain) is actually absorbed.

Pancreatin was absorbed most readily, followed by trypsin and chymotrypsin. Amylase was absorbed easily, but absorption of papain was poorer. It must be realized, however, that the radioactive portion of the radiolabeled molecules, in this case of the enzymes, can be broken off during the process of absorption so that the measured radioactivity may be quantitatively incorrect. Our measurements were performed not only on blood but also on the animal's lymph. Measurements of the lymph were not made continuously but 6 h after administration; this was with the help of lymphatic drainage [2] and was calculated as the percentage of administered dosage.

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