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Calabrese broiler noun a chicken raised for the table, usually under intensive conditions. It is usually less than 3 months old. broken mouthed adjective referring to a sheep which has lost some of its teeth broken-winded adjective referring to a horse which has ruptured cells in the lungs brome grass / brəυm rɑ s/ noun a weed grass found in arable fields and short leys. There are many species (Bromus) and none are of any value. ı barren brome bronchi / brɒŋkai/ plural noun air passages leading from the throat into the lungs bronchitis noun the inflammation of the membranes in the bronchi, often caused by viruses.

They include: less climate change, lower levels of acid rain, less pressure on landfill sites, new wildlife habitats and enhanced biodiversity, and improved woodland management. fm Page 27 Tuesday, July 11, 2006 12:33 PM 27 bit biopesticide / baiəυ pestisaid/ noun a pesticide produced from biological sources such as plant toxins that occur naturally. ı These go unnoticed by most humans, but research shows that as the oscillation waxes and wanes, populations of larks and sandpipers rise and fall.

The Scottish Blackface or the Suffolk Blackface mountain noun a common breed of sheep found in Ireland blackfly / bl kflai/ noun 1. same as bean aphid 2. a very small, oval-bodied, black or dark green fly blackgrass / bl k rɑ s/ noun a weed (Alopecurus myosuroides) which is widespread among winter cereals, especially on heavy soils. In some cases it can be resistant to a wide range of herbicides. Also called slender foxtail blackface Blackface mountain blackfly blackgrass black grouse noun ‘ grouse blackhead / bl khed/ noun a common black grouse blackhead and fatal disease of young turkeys blackleg / bl kle / noun 1.

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