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By Alexander Moseley

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Moseley considers conflict from all angles: Christian, Marxist, Platonic, behavioralist, monetary, mental, and organic; he concludes that market-based societies are likely to foster cooperation greater than strive against. ?

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It also “democratizes” the art of warfare, so that the “common” pikeman or archer could stop an aristocratic cavalry charge. At the bat< 30 > Types of War tle of Crécy, in 1346, one of the greatest concentrations of knights on the medieval battlefield charged an English army predominantly made up of common folk: out of 12,000 soldiers, 8,000 were archers; they faced 60,000 French, of which 12,000 were heavy cavalry. 28 The English lost about 200 dead and wounded, compared to the 1,542 French knights killed and between 10,000 and 20,000 commoners-at arms.

However, perennial skirmishes between India and Pakistan (1999) have caused concern for the use of nuclear weaponry over their rival claims to the Kashmir province. Unlike other types of war, the potential nature of nuclear war practically renders obsolete any possibility of limited warfare involving discrimination of targets and proportionality. It thus has grave implications for ethical thinking on war. 31 The Russian marshal, Sokolovsky, argued that “[t]he appearance of rockets with nuclear warheads radically changed previous concepts of the nature of war”32 and that the unlimited capacity to deliver nuclear weapons creates unlimited modern warfare.

25 The physical possibility of economically exploiting economic surpluses for war necessarily expands with the growth of the economic base. So it is not surprising that with the advance of agriculture — where war is common or becomes so — fortifications become more elaborate and weapons more intricate and longer ranged. Concomitantly, wars become increasingly sustainable over longer periods of time and across greater distances. Standing or professional armies may be maintained either seasonally or permanently, and battles become more organized, reflecting a greater intellectual input into strategy and tactics.

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