Joseph R. Rosenberger's A Modern Marriage Manual PDF

By Joseph R. Rosenberger

A frank and sincere textual content depicting the numerous concepts among women and men that offer whole delight in intercourse.

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It was the clothes. Damn those women on Sex and the City. They had to be millionaires to afford those wardrobes. Unfortunately for Tess, she didn't have a studio behind her, and she sure as hell couldn't pay for a Prada scarf. So it was resale shops, Goodwill, flea markets for her. It stretched her creativity, that's for sure. But it also made her terribly aware that while she was allowed inside, she'd better not get too comfortable. She was on a guest pass, which could be revoked in ten hot seconds.

Uh-huh. Chapter 3 �^» Dash climbed to the second floor of the old brownstone, then looked at his watch. It was four-fifty. He wondered how far along Tess was in getting ready. Experience had shown him that women were genetically predisposed to lateness connected in any way with makeup or hair products. So, he'd wait. He just hoped the limo would be safe downstairs. The neighborhood left something to be desired. He walked up two more flights of stairs trying to ignore a scent he didn't want to think about, then down a murky hallway.

She didn't have money for shoes. She'd wear her black strappy heels. So they were almost two years old. Who was going to look at her feet? God, the dress! It caressed her curves … not her words; the lady with the teeth had been eloquent. But it was a knockout. And she felt pretty in it, which was even more important. Why was it that she could be so self-assured about her business and her plans, but when it came to her private life her insecurities had insecurities? It didn't seem fair. She wasn't the rube from Texas anymore.

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