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Gas- wave attack, cloud-gas attack. t. ) excite, energize. t. delay. pr. (of atteindre) attaining, etc. t. attain; reach; strike, hit; attack, injure; overtake; equal, coine up to. p. & pr. S sing. of atteindre. atteinte, /. reach; attack, blow, stroke, hit; pain, harm, shock. hors d'—, out of reach, beyond reach ; irreproachable. attelage, m. coupling ; team. t. couple. attelle, /. ) splint. attenant, a. & prep. adjoining. adv. near by. attendant, p. pr. (of attendre) awaiting, etc. en —, meanwhile, meantime.

A rchai, m. brass (in the phrase fil d'archal, brass wire). archangélique, /. ) angelica. arche, /. fire chamber, furnace, arch; arch (of other kinds) ; ark. — à pots, {Glass) a furnace in which the pots are given a preliminary heating. — à tirer, (Glass) annealing furnace for cylinders. archée, /. (Alchemy) archeus. archéen, a. ) Archean, Archaean. archet, m. curved part, bow, arch; (violin) bow. archi-, arch-. archives, /. pi. archives; record office. arcose, /. ) arkose. arcot, m. (Foundvng) spilt métal (esp.

Ascaridole. ascendant, a. ascending, rising; return, reflux (condenser), m. ascendant, ascendency; ancestor ; propensity. ascenseur, m. elevator, lift, hoist, crâne. ascension, /. rising, rise, ascent; ascension; (of salts) creeping; (of a piston) upstroke. ascensionnel, a. ascensional, upward. aschiste, a. ) aschistic. ascidie, /. ) ascidium, ascite, /. ) ascites. , asclépias, m. ) any of several asclepiadaceous plants, specif. swallowwort (Çynanchum vincetoxicum). ascomycète, a. ) ascomycetous.

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