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By D. MacIver, M.C. MacKenzie

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Edith Wharton 39 it %was agreed in his world to regard as non-existent. “Nice” women, however wronged, would never claim the kind of freedom he meant, and generousminded men like himself were therefore—in the heat of argument—the more chivalrously ready to concede it to them. Such verbal generosities were in fact only a humbugging disguise of the inexorable conventions that tied things together and bound people down to the old pattern. But here he was pledged to defend, on the part of his betrothed’s cousin, conduct that, on his own wife’s part, would justify him in calling down on her all the thunders of Church and State.

Glorious: 壮丽, 辉煌, 光荣的. gossip: 摆龙门阵, 闲话, 闲谈. gratitude: 感谢. guidance: 指导. incredulity: 怀疑. invite: 邀请. kinship: 亲属关系. magnificent: 壮丽, 宏伟, 壮丽的. mantle: 斗篷, 披风. mild: 温和的. murmur: 私语, 低语. pneumonia: 肺炎. push: 推. successive: 连续的. unexpected: 意想不到, 意外, 不虞, 突然, 出现意外, 没意料到的. vein: 血管, 静脉. visitor: 旅游者, 来宾, 访问者. 28 The Age of Innocence time) Mrs. Lemuel Struthers, the widow of Struthers’s Shoe-polish, who had returned the previous year from a long initiatory sojourn in Europe to lay siege to the tight little citadel of New York.

Marriage: 婚姻, 婚事, 婚嫁. memory: 记忆, 存储器, 存储, 记忆体, 回忆. perfectly: 完美, 完美地. perversity: 反常. plain: 平原. rejoin: 重新加入, 再加入. sight: 视觉, 景象, 情景, 目光, 视力, 视线. sounds: 声音. speculated: 思索. ugly: 丑陋的, 难看的, 难看, 丑恶, 丑的. understood: 明白. wear: 穿带, 穿. 36 The Age of Innocence “That, I suppose,” said Mr. ” The young man reddened. “I didn’t have to wait for their cue, if that’s what you mean, sir. ” “There are rumours,” began Mr. % “Oh, I know: the secretary,” the young man took him up. “Nonsense, mother; Janey’s grown-up.

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