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Shrewdpermanent, humorous, and unforgettable, Pauline Kael is the main attention-grabbing and influential movie critic in the United States. Her skill to skewer an actor or director and her wit, perception, and thorough wisdom of the movie enterprise make her by way of a ways the main worthwhile general observer of the motion picture scene. This new assortment covers motion pictures that experience pop out because the prior 1985 version.

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But if the film isn't one thing or the other, it isn't a total travesty, either-it's rather pleasant. Simmons is lovely to watch and to listen to, and some parts have the Shaw waggishness and charm. Chester Erskine directed, and did the adaptation with Ken Englund; cinematography by Harry Stradling. The cast includes Jim Backus and Gene Lockhart. The Andromeda Strain US (1971): Science Fiction 130 min, Rated G, Color Biological invasion from outer space. The rapidly expanding green muck is like the various slimy menaces in the unpretentious sci-fi thrillers of the 50s, but Robert Wise, who made this expensive version of the Michael Crichton novel, having chosen a fanatically realistic documentary style, has failed to solve the dramatic problems in the original story.

Her Alice is one of the few authentic American movie heroines. George Stevens directed with such a fine sense of detail and milieu that the small-town naggingfamily atmosphere is nerve-rackingly accurate and funny. Alice is cursed with a pushing mother (Ann Shoemaker), an infantile father (Fred Stone), and a vulgar brother (Frank Albertson). The picture is cursed only by a fake happy ending: Alice gets what the movie companies considered a proper Prince Charming for her-Fred MacMurray, as a wealthy young man.

With Dennis Quaid as Hackman's muscular, inarticulate son; Diane Ladd as Hackman's wife; Kevin Dobson as Streisand's husband; and William Daniels as a lawyer. The poignant music that is heard is José Padilla's "La Violetera," which was also heard in Chaplin's CITY LIGHTS. Universal. see Taking It All In. All of Me US (1984): Comedy 93 min, Rated PG, Color Steve Martin is Roger, a lawyer who has been sent to revise the will of Edwina (Lily Tomlin), a rich, bedridden spinster. Edwina has imported a Tibetan swami (Richard Libertini), who at the moment of her death is supposed to capture her spiritual substance in a bronze pot and transfer it into the curvy body of the lovely Terry (Victoria Tennant), who has agreed to vacate it.

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